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Lonestar Premier Outdoors
1635 Sunblossom Circle
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Lonestar Premier Outdoors is dedicated to providing you with the best Texas hunting experience available. For three generations, the Lonestar team has offered hunters unmatched opportunities to track and bag their own domestic and exotic trophy game. Today, we’re proud to offer the best in both affordable and premium accommodations, catering and guides. Our knowledge of the land, animals and our commitment to a successful, safe and fun hunt sets Lonestar Premier Outdoors apart from other Texas hunting outfitters.
Adobe Lodge
Skipper Duncan
Box 60127
San Angelo, TX 76906
Ph 325-942-8040
Cell 325-374-7024
Working with several nearby high-fence ranches, we are pleased to be able to offer hunts for super-whitetail deer and exotic game animals. Super-whitetail deer are produced by combining superior genetics together with aggressive feeding programs.  Of course, Mother Nature can sometimes equal a deer manager's best efforts.  But your chances of collecting a top-end trophy are much, much better if you hunt behind a high fence. Understandably, such management practices are expensive.  Consequently, hunts for these superior animals cost more than our low-fence hunts.  Almost always, the price for a hunt for these exceptional whitetail bucks is based on the number of inches to be found in the buck's antlers.In other words, you get what you are willing to pay for.   We want you know exactly what to expect on your deer hunt with us. This website will show you a photo of every deer taken by our hunters the past couple of years. The website also provides you with a super-extensive list of our references from last season. Maybe one of them lives near you. We have more references from earlier years. Contact us for this list. We hunt some of the best deer ranches in West Texas. After being in the ranching business for thirty-five years, we know what ranchers expect from hunters, and we try to treat their properties as if they were our own. Good ranches are hard to find, and we take very,
1A Hunting in Texas Guide Service, Inc
Robert Steenbeke
212 Judith Ann Dr
Schertz, TX 78154
Ph 210-872-2771
We work with several well known, big Texas ranches, and a few smaller ones, to get you on your choice of a trophy whitetail deer, or  just a really nice buck, or a management buck, or even a doe for the meat hunter or youngster. Maybe an Axis Deer, or how about a Fallow or Sika? Or would you rather have an Aoudad or Blackbuck like the ones shown above? Or would you like some super exotic like a Dama Gazelle or even a Yak? Perhaps you'd like the rare and beautiful Pere David's Deer, or a Sambar Deer. What about an Eld's Deer, Buffalo or Asiatic Tahr? We work with several exotic hunting ranches in Texas, so we can usually get any of these and more. Known as Russian Boar, Wild Boar, Feral Hog or just plain Pigs, the wild swine in Texas are rapidly gaining popularity as a hunting target. The reasons are numerous. Number one; they're smart, so the hunting can be challenging! One scientific study says that pigs are the second smartest animal behind only chimpanzees. Number two; you may take hog by any method, year around in Texas. That means; no need to wait for deer season to warm up the gun barrel. Number three; wild pork is excellent meat; lean, and flavorful! And, number four; boar hunting is FUN!
Aoudad Sheep
Elite Outfitters
Johnny & Denise Hughes
113 Edelweiss Loop
Alto, NM 88312
Ph 575-336-9679
Aoudad Sheep, also known as Barbary Sheep, were introduced into the desert mountains of west Texas and southern New Mexico from their native habitat in the Atlas Mountains of northern Africa during the 1940’s. Aoudads have flourished as a free-ranging, wild sheep ever since. These hearty, desert sheep are well-adapted to the rough, desert mountains of the southwest and are an elusive trophy to hunt. These sheep are free-ranging and occupy a large home range due to their nomadic nature. Aoudads have the ability to obtain water from dew and the sparse vegetation of the desert which greatly expands their range due to their independence on surface water. Whitetail deer hunting will be offered on a private ranch in southwestern Texas. The whitetail hunts will be conducted in December each year. We’re talking about completely free-ranging hunts, in stunningly beautiful country. The goal is to offer a high success deer hunt with an enjoyable hunting experience attached. The numbers of whitetails on the ranch, and the area in general, are astronomical. Although not known for producing book-caliber deer, the numbers of 130 to 150-class bucks is what makes the hunt. The Wade Ranch has been owned and operated by the Wade family since the 1930′s. The entire ranch is contiguous which creates an uninterrupted hunting area of 13 square miles. All deer in the immediate region are completely free ranging. In other words, they can leave anytime they wish. The ranch has been under an extensive land-management plan since it’s inception. All cedar and mesquite has been systematically removed over the last 70+ years. On over 8,000 acres, you probably cannot find 50 cedar or mesquite trees growing. The live oak trees are the jewels of the ranch. They are interspersed with abundant openings of grasses and forbs, creating perfect habitat for deer. There is cover yet enough openings to offer excellent hunting options as well.
Teal*Wood Ducks

Duks R Us Outfitters
Andrew Shelley
1203 Evans St
Bonham, TX 75418
Ph 903-449-0566
We are known as North Texas premier waterfowl outfitter. We are located in a small town, Bonham Texas.  Its located in North East Texas just 10 miles south of the Red River and about an hour north of Dallas/Fort Worth. We have been hunting North Texas region for the last 16 years and have several thousand acres of prime waterfowl habitat. There is plenty of natural food sources in this region for wintering waterfowl. We also do  our best each off season to supply more winter food for the migrating waterfowl. Thousands of wintering waterfowl use the central flyway and the more food we can supply the better the success will be next season.

World Class Fishing and Hunting
Mike Web
110 Mystic Cove
Magnolia, TX 77354
Ph 281-948-6414
World Class Fishing and Hunting Outfitters is family owned.  We have hunted and fished all our lives and been in the South-African hunting industry for 12 years. We gained experience at some of the most experienced outfitters and can therefore offer you a professional service, well organized outfit and a good hunt.No request is too big or too small for World Class Fishing and Hunting Safaris!! Here you can simply sit back and relax.You will be pampered by our friendly staff, be it next to the pool, in the jacuzzi, at the bar or in your suite.This is all part of the unforgettable experience that you deserve, dreamed off and worked very hard for. In Africa we primarily operate from Ellisras which is a small town +/- 25000 inhabitants, where people live in harmony and still greet one another on the street. Ellisras or now known as Lephalale, is situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, close to Botswana
Elk*Deer*Aoudad Sheep
Outback Outfitters
Billy Jackson
106 S. Hadden
Stockton, TX 79735
Ph 432-290-0944
Outback Outfitters is based out of Fort Stockton, Texas which is 90 miles south west of Midland/Odessa International Airport. We have several top ranches in the area including the famous 250,000 acre La Escalera.This ranch has produced some unbelievable trophies and memories for our hunters in the past.  We have rested this ranch for the last 5 years; it will be exciting to see what the 2010 – 2011 seasons will bring. Because we cover so much country most all of our hunts are conducted using “Lannom Ranch Buggy's”.These buggy’s are manufactured right here in fort Stockton and are built to navigate our rough buggy is exciting and just plain fun. It’s something you have to experience for yourself."I not only want you to have a successterrain associated with locating the trophy of a lifetime. We harvest very few Mule Deer each year insuring that the trophy you harvest is one that is a sure trophy class animal. This is a five day all inclusive hunt. We have some of the largest herds of Aoudad Sheep anywhere. We typically harvest sheep between 30 and 35 inches. This is a 3 to 5 day hunt depending on the number of hunters in the group. All inclusive hunt including capping
and skinning your trophy for transportation.This is a wild fast action huntyou will not likely forget.
Bobwhite Quail
Mitch Hurt's Wild Bird Hunting
Mitch Hurt
18 Caledonia Road
Livingston, MT 59047
Ph 406-223-4919

We hunt both South and North Texas depending on who got the best hatch of birds. Texas is truly the last best place to find wild Bobwhite Quail. All hunting is done on private land leases. Pricing varies from year to year depending on where we hunt. Call or email to find out where we are hunting and costs. We have some of the largest herds of Aoudad Sheep anywhere. We typically harvest sheep between 30 and 35 inches. This is a 3 to 5 day hunt depending on the number of hunters in the group. All inclusive hunt including capping and skinning your trophy for transportation.This is a wild fast action huntyou will not likely forget. Experience bird hunting as it should be. Hunting over professionally trained dogs for wild birds in prime habitat. We specialize in finding where the best wild bird hunting is each season by following state reports, local observations, habitat conditions for each area, etc. We provide you with the best opportunities to have as successful hunt as possible. When you hunt with us you can be sure that you will be going “where the birds are” every time. We stay at the best available lodging and eat at the best available restaurants. We do all that we can to make your hunt as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Salt Water Bay8
Trophy Trout*Redfish*Tarpon*
Shark*Amber Jack*Grouper
Fish'N Addiction Guide Service
Capt. Dustin Lee
Box 2123
Freeport, TX 77542
Ph 979-236-6203
Welcome to Fish’N Addiction Guide Service, home of and hosted by Capt. Dustin Lee. Capt. Lee has been fishing along the Texas Gulf Coast, from Galveston to Matagorda and all spots in between, since his Father and Grandfather took him from the time he was 2 years old. His Grandfather taught him to respect our beautiful coast line as well as a few tricks to finding the BIG fish!! So, we hope you come along for the ride and have a great time in doing so. Fish’N Addiction Guide Service is a fishing guide service catering to inshore bay fishing at Matagorda and Sargent, Texas. Fish’N Addiction Guide Service is a “kid friendly” business catering to anyone, from 4 years to 94 years, from corporate events to the every day “buddy trips”, interested in bagging their 1st or 101st “keepers”. Capt. Lee wants you to “Get Hooked” thee way he did when he was just a small child!!
Bass*Argentina Peacock Bass
World Class Fishing and Hunting
Mike Web
110 Mystic Cove
Magnolia, TX 77354
Ph 281-948-6414
World Class Fishing and Hunting is a family owned business with a staff of hunters and fisherman who have traveled the world visiting exciting destinations.  Our goal is to plan the perfect trip for you! No Fees for our service!!  We guarantee you will come to us as a client and leave a family friend! Our network of professional fishing guides and professional hunters around the globe are the very best!  We have access to the finest hunting/fishing lodges and guides in:  Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, Belize, Scottland, Canada, Panama, Amazon, Alaska, Spain, Mexico and just about every state in the US. Whether you desire Wing shooting, Big Game hunting, Deep sea fishing, Bay fishing or Fresh water fishing we can put together a trip of a lifetime!!
Great Texas Bass Fishing
John Tatman
Ph 903-821-8800
Keep up to date about the latest bass fishing activity and Best Fishing Times. If you base what you do on inaccurate information, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the consequences.  Make sure you get the latest information on bass for your trip. We offer many updates for different bass lakes. The local bass guides offer reports on their websites, so sure to get the right info so you can be at the right place to bag your limit of bass Bass are more active in Texas during the fall, winter and spring months due to the cooler weather. Bass are active much longer during daylight hours and are normally found in shallow water early morning and late afternoon.  For active bass, spinner baits and crank baits are most fisherman's choice. A variety of watermelon green plastic worms seems to work well on bass during the hotter months fished in grass if available. Early morning is an bass anglers dream on most Texas bass water bass baits are just about anything that floats. Normally Poppers, Prop Baits, Flukes, or just about any Stick Bait. 
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