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Oklahoma Hunting Outfitters & Guides
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Rio Rojo Outfitters
P.O. Box 363
Olustee, OK 73560
Ph 940-585-1094
Rio Rojo Outfitters is a family owned and operated outfitter located in Creta, Oklahoma.  We are about 20 miles southwest of Altus, Oklahoma along the Red River.  We have exclusive hunting rights to over 12,000 acres of  private land varying from rocky mesas to mesquite flats to river bottom.  We believe in using sound wildlife management practices and limited hunting pressure to provide a unique experience where hunters see abundant game. We are proud to produce 90% success rates on all of our hunts.   This is our full time business so we take our clients needs very seriously and will do every thing in our power to make sure  you leave with a new stockpile of great hunting memories. We invite you to come see for yourself what keeps our clients and T.V. professionals returning year after year for our Oklahoma guided Whitetail Deer hunts. Come enjoy a truly unique hunt in terrain that varies from the breath taking Red River valley to the rugged rocky mesas a few to the north. We offer the chance to hunt Whitetail in a setting like no where else in North America. On top of that, we have incredible deer! We maintain a stringent management plan involving only harvesting mature bucks (4.5 yrs plus), and maintaining a 1 to 1 buck doe ratio. Hunters can expect to have an opportunity to take a buck in the area of 140 to 155 inches B&C. However we have 170" plus deer every year. Our deer also have very unique genetics with numerous kickers, splits, and even the occasional droptine. Our deer are big bodied as well, averaging 200 lbs. plus.
Drop Tine Hunts
Jeff Dillard

Rt. 1 Box 61
Cleo Springs, OK 73729
Ph 580-227-7144
Ph 580-438-2668
We have a numerous population of whitetail deer and excellent reputation for trophy whitetails. The photo of "The Wall" on this page shows some of the bucks taken in this area by myself and the guides.The name of our business came from one of the trophy bucks (also on this page) taken by a client during the 2000 rifle hunts. Although we specialize in deer hunts, we also offer spring turkey hunts, a number of quail hunts, and 2 day predator hunts We are now booking for next year's hunting season of fully guided hunts with a limited # of spots still open this year. You will be guided by exceptionally good deer hunters who have taken a numerousamount of trophy whitetails themselves. You will find after hunting with these guides for one day that they are not only very familiar with this area but know the bucks so well they have some of them named. They will work hard to make your hunt successful and insure that you have a good time.
White Horse Creek Outfitters
Dustin Earnest
1329 Maple Street
Alva, Oklahoma 73717
Ph 580-327-7888

We have over 15,000 acres of prime Northwestern Oklahoma hunting land where Whitetail Deer and wild Rio Grande Turkeys are abundant. Our hunts have high success on trophy animals and are fully guided affairs that include lodging.  We offer several hunting packages to choose from with a variety of seasons to include rifle, archery and black powder hunting. Our ranch produces large bodied, Boone and Crockett class deer year after year. Our states blackpowder season occurs during the rut, giving you a great chance to take a trophy buck while chasing does. Deer Hunters are allowed one buck and one doe on our deer hunts. Your package includes all lodging, and transportation to and from the hunting area. Your deer will be field dressed and taken to the check station for you. If you wish, we can make arrangements for processing and taxidermy. Deer hunting in Oklahoma with White Horse Creek Guided Hunts will give every deer hunter an honest chance at trophy class whitetail bucks. Our ranch has consistently produced big whitetail deer year after year. These hunts take place on over 15,000 acres of private land owned and leased by our family. All deer hunts are fair chase, with no high game fences.

Janese Whitten
Box 1600
Oak Hurst, OK 74050
Ph 918-640-9163
We have 2,700 contiguous acres in the extreme SE corner of Harper Co. We have about 1/2 mi of flats falling off into cedar and cottonwood canyons. There is a year-round creek and several ponds. We have white-tails, muleys, and turkeys
Prince European Mounts
Justin Prince
Minden, NE
Ph 308-224-0657  
Prices starting at $70.00 for the skull work and I also make wall displays from Oak but we can make them from just about any wood. I can make a angled wall shelf display or flat against the wall. 

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Oklahoma Hunting Outfitters and Guides Deer Facts

Deer hunting is the most popular hunting season in Oklahoma. The overall economic impact on our state is over $600,000,000. More than 82,000 archers, nearly 102,000 primitive firearm deer hunters and over 197,000 gun hunters combined harvested 111,427 deer in 2008. The statewide management goal continues to place emphasis on reducing harvests pressure on the young buck segment of the deer herd and increasing the harvest of does. With the continued fine tuning of deer hunting regulations and increasing public awareness of proper deer management practices, our state's deer herd will continue to flourish. Whitetail deer are creatures of the woodland edge, utilizing forest or dense thickets for cover but feeding on browse and forbs along the edges of clearings. The best deer habitat is a patchwork of woodlands and openings. White-tailed deer may consume more than 600 types of plants and plant products, but mast producing trees, browse and cool season forage are considered some of the most important assets of quality deer habitat. In the early 1900’s you were lucky to see a deer in Oklahoma. Harvest was unregulated and deer meat was eaten like fast food burgers are today. In 1917 the deer numbers dropped to only 500 animals and deer hunting was banned; but in 1943 wildlife resource agencies began trapping and transplanting. Their efforts have helped to significantly increase the present deer population total to around 500,000. Deer hunting, the most hunted season in Oklahoma, has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. Hunters harvested over 100,000 deer in 2008. The biggest typical and non-typical bucks were both taken during gun season. The top typical buck, at 194 0/8, was taken in 2007. The top non-typical buck, at 248 6/8 was taken in Tillman County in 2004.


Oklahoma Hunting Outfitters and Guides Turkey Facts

Managing wild turkeys in Oklahoma is a different proposition than it was only decades ago. Where once the sole objective was the restoration of wild turkey populations, today’s biologists are faced with new challenges, such as maintaining high carrying capacities by fine tuning habitat and harvest regulations. Modern distributions of the Eastern and Rio Grande subspecies are drastically different from pioneer days, with management philosophies, strategies and goals differing from one subspecies to the other. The eastern wild turkey is found in hardwood and mixed forests from New England and southern Canada and northern Florida in the east to Texas, Missouri, Iowa and Minnesota in the west.
The Rio Turkey inhabits brush areas near streams and rivers or mesquite, pine and scrub oak forests. It may be found up to 6,000 feet elevation and generally favors country that is more open than the wooded habitat favored by its eastern cousins. The Rio Grande Turkey is considered gregarious and, nomadic in some areas, having distinct summer and winter ranges. They may form large flocks of several hundred birds during the winter period. It has been known to travel distances of 10 or more miles from traditional winter roost sites to its nesting areas. Merriam's preferred habitat: Within its suspected historic range in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, the Merriam's was relatively isolated from the other subspecies of wild turkey. The Merriam's wild turkey has been successfully stocked beyond its suspected natural range in the Rocky Mountains and outside of the mountains into Nebraska, Washington, California Oregon and other areas. Merriam's are found in some habitat areas that, if altered by timber harvesting overgrazing or development, populations may be lost. Their normal range receives annual rainfall amounts averaging between 15 and 23 inches.

Oklahoma Hunting Outfitters and Guides Hog Facts

The Wildlife Department receives many inquiries each year about hunting "wild" hog. Feral hog are defined as any hogs, including Russian and European wild boar, which are running at large and whose owners are unknown. In the case where the hog owner is known, the hog will be defined as feral five days after escaping confinement. If notice is provided to adjacent landowners within those five days, the hog shall not be considered feral for an additional 10 days. The feral hog has been very successful in expanding its range and increasing in numbers. Its success can be attributed to several factors: free ranging husbandry methods, introduction and re-introduction of feral hogs by hunters, water development in arid areas, improved range condition through better livestock grazing practices, the animal's ability to adapt to a variety of situations and eat a variety of foods, and the hog ability to reproduce rapidly. Feral hog populations also have benefited from increased disease control in the domestic livestock industry. More recent anecdotal evidence suggests that feral hogs are likely present in the remaining three counties. Based on respondent estimates, the feral hog population in Oklahoma was between 617,000 and 1.4 million. The lowest agency estimate of the number of feral hogs in Oklahoma was 430,000 and the highest was 1.6 million. The average low and high estimate for all agencies was 617,000 and 1.4 million, respectively. Density estimates were assigned to mapping grids representing 20 square miles. These grids did not follow river drainages where respondents indicated most feral hogs were located. With inherent mapping error taken into account, the estimated feral hog population in Oklahoma was calculated to be 500,000 or less.
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